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Next11 is a live tracking system that lets football players, and their coaches track performances over time using, a small sensor on the players' calf. MING Labs got hired to design the MVP for both the Player- as well as the Coach app, and with this the task to present the data collected in a way which would make sense for the user.
my role
During my internship at MING Labs, I was part of the team designing both the Player- as well as the Coach app. I worked on the overall UX by creating user flows, sketching wireframes, both on paper and digitally and held A-B testing sessions with users. Finally, I was part of creating the final design and preparing it for delivery to the development team.

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N11 Player + Coach app

Currently I cannot show any process images from this project, below are some snapshots of the final interface.

Selection of screens from the Player app. 1: Home screen overview. 2: Comparison view. 3: Details of performance over time
Selection of screens from the Coach app. 1: Live stats during an ongoing game. 2: Match report

Learnings from internship

During my internship at MING Labs, I worked with concept creation, user interviews, A-B testing, sketching, wireframes, and prototyping as well as finishing projects of for developing team. I got to work with different branches, such as pharmacy, elderly health care, and future football technology.

Reference from internship:

"Amanda always displayed a high level of initiative and her excellent, highly reliable judgment is particularly noteworthy. It enabled her to make independent, well-considered, and appropriate assessments even in difficult situations. She was always able to use her conceptual, creative, and logical approach to come up with new ideas and quickly find the best possible solutions.
She was highly regarded by superiors, colleagues, and business partners. We are grateful for the successful collaboration and wish Amanda all the best and continued success in her future personal and professional undertakings."

Matthias Roebel CEO
MING Labs GmbH, Munich, January 31, 2021