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This project was in collaboration with Covestro, a company that specializes in different types of plastic and technology. We were asked to look into charging stations for electrical vehicles. The challenge was to design EV chargers for city environments and people living in apartments. Most people owning an EV prefers charging it overnight for it to be ready the next day, this is easy if you live in a villa and can install your own charger, but harder in the city where there are few charging spots. The infrastructure also makes it harder to install as many chargers as might be needed.
The EV charger developed for this project utilizes already existing electricity sources, in the shape of light poles, which enable more chargers to be installed in the city without having to change the infrastructure too much.
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What if we could use already existing electricity sources in cities to install EV chargers to increase the amount where people actually live?


concept development

- Covestro as a brand

- Covestro as a brand

Prototyping to find the right proportions


Covestro EV charger

Interface- how to use the charger

Product details

Covestro EVSE - utilizing already existing electricity sources in cities

Covestro EVSE utilizes already existing electricity sources in cities to enable accessible charging for EV owners living in apartments.

Covestro EVSE at the Kfair in Düsseldorf 2022

For the the Kfair in Düsseldorf a mock-up of "Covestro EVSE" had been produced to display smart designs of the future. I got to visit the fair, look at the mock-up, and speak about both the project as well as how it is being a student doing these types of collaborations.

Covestro EVSE exhibited at the EVS35 fair in Oslo 2022

After the collaboration with Covestro, where this EV charger was designed, they have continued to use my material while presenting Covestro, and their ambition to tap into the EV industry, on different platforms. At the EVS35 fair in Oslo 2022, Covestro hosted a booth where my design was displayed to exhibit the potential that Covestro sees in using their material in future EV products.

Concept Development
Final Project