Individual Project

2 Weeks

Spring 2018

Umeå Institute

of Design


What would a screw driver made for alpine sports look like?

Background ]

This project was focused on learning model making. I wanted to create a tool for a different environment and therefore choose to design a screwdriver for the skiing business where screwdrivers are being used daily. Furthermore, I focused on how to brand a product and decided on POC, since it is a brand connected to the business.

Process ]

I started the project by investigating POC as a brand and creating a moodboard. After that I moved on to sketching on paper and in yellow foam, trying out different looks. The final model in red foam took about 1,5 weeks to finalize since everything was done by hand.

Outcome ]

The final outcome of the project is a twistable screwdriver. I choose to add that function since I, while talking to people in the alpine business, stated that the reach can be a problem. 

The main aspect I will bring with me from this project is the planning one had to do for each step figuring out how all pieces would fit together in the end.



User needs ]

Flexible and adjustable

for being able to reach screws in difficult places

Aesthetically express the 

connection to the sport 

rather than a classic tool

Large buttons accessible with gloves

Easy to understand and operate the tool

Branded towards POC ]
Building the Model ]

POC- Twistable Screwdriver

Twistable for better reach ]

Position 1

Position 2



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