fun stuff

A selection of smaller projects and things I do simply because it's fun!

Branch- brand identity for a thinktank

Branch is a made-up ThinkTank that aims to: "Take urgent action to bridge the knowledge gap on how to combat climate change and its impacts in primary, secondary and tertiary curricula." The brand and website is meant to reflect

Encouragement, Trust, Inspiration, Youth, and Sense of Community.

sista bilden.jpg

Posters of some people that I like

Illustrating is something I really enjoy doing in my spare time. For this series, I used my closest friends as inspiration and tried to capture their personalities through expression and colors.

Tavla 1.jpg
ramar (kopia).jpg

Find the perfect spot to charge your EV 

When charging your electrical vehicle WHERE you do it becomes more important than if you would just stop for gas – this since you will spend at least 30 min there. This short, Audi branded, project displays a way for the person in the car to, through using their Apple Watch, choose what is important to them at that given moment when they would need to stop and charge their vehicle in order to choose the best charging spot.

Main Image_Audi.png

The illustration of the car is borrowed from Audi's website


Illustrations for a survey sent out by IKEA

During my internship at IKEA, I got, apart from the bigger projects I was involved in, a smaller task to create a series of illustrations for them to use in a worldwide survey asking people what their life working from home looked like.

How I store things.png
What is most important when working from home.png
What I need by my desk.png
where ppl work.png

Colive: animating promo video for a roommate app

Colive is an app aiming to ease the life of housemates and encourage people to live together. To explain the concept I used illustrations and snapshots from the app and animated it in After Effects. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 12.02.51.png

Inside your head

In this project, I wanted to create an animation in After Effects based on a quote from my favorite book growing up. ”Of course, it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?”. The quote is from one of the last chapters of the Harry Potter series. 



rising sea levels

During my exchange studies at ArtCenter, I got the chance to participate in a three days workshop regarding rising sea levels with the Aquarium of the Pacific. This was a great experience that felt meaningful due to the alarming and important topic. During these three days, we were divided into groups of three and on the final day, we had a concept that we presented to a few different stakeholders involved in the project. Read more: