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Individual Project

3 Weeks

Spring 2020

Umeå Institute

of Design


Project about utilizing already existing electricity sources to increase the amount of EV chargers for people living in cities.

Background ]

This project was in collaboration with Covestro, a company that specializes in different types of plastic and technology. We were asked to look in to charging stations for electrical vehicles. I was assigned to design EV chargers for city environments and people living in apartments.

Process ]

We started the project with an intense research period where we got in contact with 210 EV owners through a survey as well as complimentary interviews. From our research I created a concept for EV chargers in cities constantly having feedback from teachers and employees at Covestro.

Outcome ]

The final result of of this project is an EV charger that using already existing electricity sources, such as light poles, enables more EV chargers to be installed in the city.

In Collaboration With ]



90% of all EV owners prefer charging at  home over night. This is easy if you own a house but more difficult in cities due to the low amount of charging stations.

( 210 Electrical Vehicle owners asked in survey )

[ Design Hypothesis ]

What if we could use already existing electricity sources in cities to install EV chargers increasing the amount where people actually live?


Concept development

Moodboard ]
Sketching ]
Prototyping with Proportions ]

Covestro ev charger

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Interfaces ]
Construction ]
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[ Hope to Achieve ]
  • Increase the amount of EV chargers in cities

  • Create a solution that utilize already existing electricity sources 

  • Create an EV charger that is suitable for the public environment



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