Spring 2023 MFA Degree Project

How might we use choreographic approaches & dancing in the design process; to empower and elevate personal movement languages in conversation with digital devices in the home?

We move through and with an increasing number of digital devices at home. Still, the way we interact with our devices is mostly based on us adapting to the technology. By involving dancers and learning from choreographic approaches in the design process, this project aims to start from the body, to achieve more humanistic interactions based on our personal ways of moving.

The outcome proposes a “Choreographic Interface” which, manifests itself in contextual zones, reflecting the “choreographies” and routines that naturally develop over time in our homes. The interface, in different ways, encourages & elevates personal movement languages by visualising moments for movement in our everyday lives to elicit joy, play, and wellbeing.

The suggestion is a shift away from designers creating each interaction and the users adapting to them – to instead, suggest that designers might create the tools to empower users in utilising their personal ways of moving.

Messy process-pic-dump (last updated 22-04-23)