Individual Project

6 Weeks

Spring 2019

Umeå Institute

of Design


A project about future ways of doing laundry through focusing on stain removal!

[ Background ]

Asko is a global company providing appliances for both private and professional use. During this project we were asked to design for a new and more sustainable way of doing laundry. Throughout the entire project we got feedback from Asko and tutoring by teachers at Umeå Institute of Design.

[ Process ]

We started the project by doing home visits and  interviewing people about their laundry habits and pain points. After this we presented to the company three different concepts.

After choosing one of the concepts I did a second round of research specifically about stain removal to get further insights before getting to the final result.

[ Outcome ]

The result of the project is called Asko Go and is a handheld device that the user can attach to a stained fabric. While attached the device removes staines through ultrasonic waves. Asko Go is portable and can be used without having a designated laundry area.

[ In Collaboration With ]



” It feels unnecessary to throw something in the laundry that is basically clean ”

” If a piece
of clothing is stained I will wash it in 90 degrees ”
” When I remove stains I feel nervous that I will destroy the clothing ”
Compiling Research by Doing User Stories ]

After interviewing 8 different people about their laundry habits we compiled these into user stories each one of them describing a specific situation in each of our interviewees way of doing laundry.

Insecurity of how to remove stains that leads to stains not being removed at all or people just taking a chance.

Over washing clothing due to lack of knowledge that leads to clothes being torn and unnecessary

 water consumption

[ Design Hypothesis ]

Can knowledge and/or availability of how to remove stains from fabric lead to a new way of doing laundry?

[ Deeper research About Stains and How to remove Them ]

To further understand how people treat their stains and how they feel about it I created a probe study. I handed the probe study to 12 people who filled it out before I interviewed them with additional questions. This way I found out what their pain points are and what they consider most important while removing stains.

"There are a lot of chemicals in stain removal products"

"Clothes not being used because of stains and waiting for a machine of matching textiles to be full"

[ What People Find Important When it Comes to Stain Removal ]

- 12 people participating

[ Conclusions from Research ]

People feel insecure about stain removal and there is a need for a new product that is easy to understand, use and that is not bound to the laundry area!



Prototyping ]

I decided to move forward with a concept of having a portable stain remover working through ultrasonic waves. I started to explore different sizes and shapes. I wanted it to feel soft against the skin, be big enough to cover most stains but not so big that it would be hard to bring with you.

Moodboard & ASKO as a Brand ]
Developing the Form ]



- a new way of doing laundry and stain removal!

ASKO Go is a portable stain remover device that operates through ultrasonic waves. With its size, form and wireless charged battery it is easy to bring with you and access.

Using ultrasonic waves ASKO Go removes stains from fabric.

Attach ASKO Go and after two minutes the stain will be gone.

[ Hope to Achieve ]
  • Make stain removal easier

  • Make people feel comfortable about removing stains

  • Decrease amount of laundry machines being run 

   - Causing unnecessary water consumption

   - Causing clothes being worn out earlier leading to over consumption


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